An idea of project...

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After some talks on Mastodon and IRL, some issues with payed softwares, cracks, only builds for Mac or simply not usable, it seem to us that it important to get a place for free and open-sources softwares in live show (music, theater and other) world.

Our idea is to create an specialized association in live show world who would fund theses softwares, would make courses and diffuse it.

Our shedule :

July - September 2019


Finalise the project

Define state of FLOSS for live shows, our ideas for make it better, communicate around the project and prepare the pool.

Diffuse the pool to the wold...

...but principaly to the techies and artists, even no-free-convinced about their habits, their expectations in FLOSS and needs.

October - November 2019


Décember 2019



Make a previsional budget pour one year, ask for funding with differents targets.

Work :)

Make our projects go ahead and rethink the global move for the next...

From January onward 2020

How to contribute ?

We need people for create this project !

Here what you can do if you'r concerned (technician/stage manager and/or artist) :


Share your ideas, comments, remarks about this project here.


Share your ideas, comments, remarks about the future pool here or participate to the list of specific softwares that you use or know, regardless the licence or price, here. It will be used for the pool.


Share your ideas, comments, remarks about this website here.

Do you want contact us ? Or be in the team ?

Join us on Framateam, it's open for everybody !